Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Step To It

I designed this card after my good friend Beverly, I always thought of her as a 'Fashion Queen'.  A friend after my own heart, she loves to shop and she love buying shoes so, when I saw this stamp in the store, I thought of her and then these were some of her favorite colors.  Love you Bev! 

Thought for Today:  Today, is the best day for the rest of your life! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do Us A Favor

Birthday Wishes 3

                                     This was created for my Brother-In-Law, Larry

Thought for Today:  Stand, having done all stand! 

Baby Shower Card 2

This card was created for my Niece "Ebonie" to welcome her new Baby Girl into the world!  She delivered prematurely and her daughter (Sydnee) is doing fine now.  Hey Ebb, Love You!!

Do Us A Favor 2

These are Party Favors that was created to be a center-piece for a 'Baby Shower'. 
Can be made in any color and can also be designed for boys as well!

Birthday Wishes 2

This is a Birthday Card I made for one of our Mail Carriers', she sees to my packages being delivered at the right time...

Baby Shower Card 1

Here's a card I created for one of my co-workers, to welcome her new baby girl!  The words were off-centered a bit but, I think you can still see what I was trying to do.  She delivered such a beautiful healthy baby girl.

Boss's Day

All of my projects seem to be at the last minute but, it was my boss's birthday and at the last minute I decided to make him a card.  He's a man that still loves to wear suits and ties and always matching, even down to his glasses, socks and shoes.  I found this die and wanted to show show him a concise replica of himself!  I really had fun with this one...

Birthday Wishes 1

This is a Birthday Card I designed for one of my long-time friends, "Gloria".  I worked with her from  975- 1985, but we still keep in touch.  She told me she is going to keep the the 'Love Tag' as a 'Bookmarker'

Cupid's Arrows

I wanted to send my daughter "Staneeda" and my two grand sons (Jalen & David) a card for Valentine's Day so, this was a rush job because they live out of town and it takes four days for delivery and I didn't think to make them until February 9th, 2011... Whew, but they got them on time.  Hey, Nee-Nee, Poo Poo, love you!  That's her NickName.  She's been a blessing to me and others...

Thought for Today:  Love is Patient & Kind, without love, I have nothing.